June 18, 2024

Smiling Shelter Puppy Wins Over the Internet, Finds Loving Home

Smiling Shelter Puppy Wins Over the Internet, Finds Loving Home


A Smile That Changed Everything

Every shelter animal dreams of a forever home, but for one black Labrador puppy, his smile made all the difference. Burreaux arrived at the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana with his siblings, rescued from animal control. Sarah Walton, a devoted volunteer, saw something special in him and named him after an LSU football player.

Burreaux quickly became a staff favorite with his charming personality. What set him apart was his endearing grin. Whenever someone spoke to him sweetly, he’d flash his teeth in the most adorable way. This unique trait made him irresistible and showcased his playful nature.

Sarah shared Burreaux’s captivating habit in an interview: “It’s whenever you’re talking real sweet to him…he gets this smile like he wants something.” This sincere appeal for affection made Burreaux an instant hit amongst visitors and staff alike at the shelter.

However, despite his charming smile, Burreaux watched his brother Joe get adopted first. Joe’s knack for playing fetch won over a family looking for an active dog. Burreaux’s smile remained his most captivating feature as he continued learning fetch alongside his sister.

Going Viral

The shelter volunteers knew they had to highlight Burreaux’s unique grin to help him find a home. They decided to capture his heart-melting smile on video and share it on the Humane Society’s Facebook page. The video showcased his playful and lovable nature, aiming to reach potential adopters.

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Source: Image Credit: Facebook

The footage of Burreaux’s goofy smile quickly went viral, resonating with people far and wide. “We were thinking, ‘Burreaux wants a home so bad that he’s always smiling, trying to cute it up,’” Walton explained. The video led to a surge of inquiries, as viewers fell in love with the smiling puppy.

Thanks to the viral video, Burreaux’s strategy worked wonders. The attention garnered numerous adoption offers, and soon, Burreaux found his forever home. The shelter was overjoyed with the positive response and the outpouring of support for this special puppy.

The Humane Society celebrated the happy news on their Facebook page: “Happy life Burreaux!! Our sweet smiling boy who became social media viral with his grin has found his forever!!” The announcement was met with well-wishes and joy from those who had followed Burreaux’s journey.

A New Chapter

Burreaux is now thriving in his new home, where he continues to spread joy with his smile. His new family adores him, and he has settled in beautifully. Burreaux’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact a simple smile can have and the importance of giving shelter animals a chance to shine.

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Source: Image Credit: Facebook

We’re thrilled to see Burreaux happy and loved in his new environment. His transformation from a shelter puppy to a beloved family member is a testament to the power of love and hope. Burreaux’s journey continues to inspire everyone who hears his story.

This sweet boy has found his place, bringing happiness to everyone around him. Burreaux’s story highlights the incredible potential of shelter animals and the joy they can bring to families. His smile is now a symbol of hope and love for many.

We encourage everyone to consider adopting from shelters and offering a loving home to animals in need. Burreaux’s journey is a beautiful example of what can happen when we open our hearts to these deserving creatures. Share his story and spread the love!

Watch and Share

Click the video below to watch this incredible story! Burreaux’s journey from a shelter to a loving home is truly inspiring. His smile has touched the hearts of many, and we hope it continues to bring joy to all who see it. Let’s share this beautiful story with friends and family.

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Source: Image Credit: Facebook

Don’t forget to SHARE this heartwarming tale with others. By doing so, we can help more shelter animals find their forever homes and spread the message of love and hope. Burreaux’s story is a reminder of the amazing transformations that happen when we give animals a chance.

Visit your local shelter and consider adopting a pet who needs a loving home. Each animal has a unique story and a heart full of love to offer. Together, we can make a difference, one smile at a time.

Share Burreaux’s story and inspire others to open their hearts to shelter animals. Let’s continue to support and celebrate these wonderful creatures, giving them the happy endings they deserve.


  • Is there any way to donate to the shelter that helped Burreaux? I want to support them!

  • Thank you to the shelter for giving Burreaux a chance and sharing his story. You guys are amazing!

  • Why did it take so long for someone to adopt this adorable pup? People are missing out!

  • Jayden7

    OMG, Burreaux’s smile is the cutest thing ever! 😍 So happy he found a forever home!

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