June 12, 2024

A Woman’s Unexpected Rescue: What She Found Beneath the Barn Floorboards

A Woman's Unexpected Rescue: What She Found Beneath the Barn Floorboards


A Surprising Find

In her dedicated journey of saving animals, Jessie Tussing of Heartland Humane Society has encountered many unpredictable situations. But this particular evening, she faced something unprecedented. A call about abandoned puppies led her to a barn, where she, along with her daughters, embarked on a rescue mission under the fading light.

Without delay, they reached the location. The old barn, dimly lit and filled with shadows, became their search ground. Guided by a flashlight, they probed every nook and cranny. With the homeowner’s consent, they removed a floorboard and discovered the tiny creatures nestled beneath.

At first glance, they seemed like regular puppies. But as Jessie brought them into the light, something felt off. Their distinct features sparked curiosity and a need for closer examination.

One of Jessie’s daughters quickly turned to Google, searching for clues about this unusual breed. As she scrolled through images, a realization dawned. These weren’t ordinary pups; they were coyote babies!

The Dilemma

Jessie was taken aback. The discovery of baby coyotes raised immediate concerns. Consulting with wildlife experts, she learned that the best course was to return them to their original spot. She noted the pups had full bellies, indicating their mother was nearby.

With great care, Jessie placed the young coyotes back under the barn floorboards. She informed the homeowner about the new wild residents, ensuring he understood the importance of leaving them undisturbed.

A Woman's Unexpected Rescue: What She Found Beneath the Barn Floorboards-1
Source: Jessie Tussing via The Dodo

Fortunately, the homeowner was supportive. He agreed to let the coyote family stay temporarily, allowing them to remain undisturbed until a safer relocation could be arranged.

This turn of events highlighted the delicate balance between human intervention and wildlife preservation. Jessie’s actions underscored the importance of consulting experts in such situations.

Lessons Learned

This experience serves as a crucial reminder that not all adorable creatures we encounter are domestic. It’s vital to recognize the importance of not disturbing wildlife unnecessarily.

If you ever come across young animals in the wild, it’s best to observe from a distance. Their mother is likely nearby and will return to care for them. Interfering can cause more harm than good.

However, in cases where you genuinely believe the animals are orphaned, reach out to local animal control or wildlife rehabilitation centers. These professionals are equipped to handle such delicate situations.

A Woman's Unexpected Rescue: What She Found Beneath the Barn Floorboards-1
Source: Jessie Tussing via The Dodo

By acting responsibly, we can ensure the safety and well-being of both wild and domestic animals. Jessie’s story is a testament to compassionate and informed animal rescue.


Jessie’s unexpected discovery under the barn floorboards is a powerful lesson in wildlife awareness. Her quick thinking and consultation with experts ensured the coyote pups were safely returned to their natural habitat.

This incident highlights the importance of understanding the animals we encounter. Not every furry creature is a pet; some belong in the wild and play a crucial role in our ecosystem.

By respecting wildlife and seeking professional help when necessary, we contribute to the balance of nature. Jessie’s story is an inspiring example of how knowledge and compassion can lead to the right decisions.

Let this tale remind us to always consider the broader context when we come across animals in need. Sometimes, the best way to help is to let nature take its course.


  • OMG, what a crazy adventure! Coyotes under the floorboards? That’s wild! 😂

  • Are there any follow-up plans to relocate the coyote family safely?

  • jaspermonolith

    It’s incredible how she knew they weren’t regular puppies. Jessie’s got some sharp eyes!

  • whiskey3

    I’m so glad the homeowner was supportive 😊

  • Mackenzie2

    Wow, Jessie is amazing! How did she know to consult wildlife experts so quickly?

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