July 8, 2024

A Pup’s Hilarious Misadventure Leaves Everyone in Stitches

A Pup's Hilarious Misadventure Leaves Everyone in Stitches


A Truly Unique Smile

The weekend had finally arrived, and Lola decided to spend it in the comforting embrace of her grandmother’s house. Despite Mailo’s boundless energy, she couldn’t bear to leave him behind, so he tagged along. Upon their arrival, the tranquil atmosphere was palpable. Too peaceful for Mailo, who soon donned his signature grin and slipped away unnoticed.

Before Lola even noticed his absence, Mailo reappeared looking like a character straight out of a cartoon. It was Mailo, but something was hilariously different. His usual charming smile had transformed into something far more comical, catching Lola completely off guard.

“I was very surprised to see it,” Lola recounted to The Dodo. “It made me laugh a lot.” The unexpected twist? Mailo had found and “borrowed” Grandma’s dentures, giving his smile an unforgettable twist.

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Source: @lola.txm

Lola couldn’t resist capturing the moment. Bursting with laughter, she recorded a video and shared it on her TikTok profile, @lola.txm, where it quickly charmed viewers worldwide.

Even Grandma Laughed

Once Lola managed to contain her giggles, she gently approached Mailo. With one hand, she held his jaw, and with the other, retrieved Grandma’s dentures. She meticulously cleaned each tooth, ensuring no harm came to her grandmother’s essential aid. Despite her efforts, she felt compelled to tell her grandma what had happened.

A Pup's Hilarious Misadventure Leaves Everyone in Stitches-1
Source: @lola.txm

Initially, Grandma wasn’t thrilled about the news. However, upon seeing the video, her stern demeanor melted away, and she burst into laughter. “She laughed and laughed,” Lola shared. “Everyone in the house laughed a lot. It was unexpected.”

Mailo had given Lola, her grandmother, and the entire family a moment of pure joy that would remain in their hearts forever. His comical antics turned an ordinary day into a memorable one.

A Pup's Hilarious Misadventure Leaves Everyone in Stitches-1
Source: @lola.txm

Whenever they need a pick-me-up, they can always recall Mailo’s unexpected smile and find joy. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.


  • While the story is amusing, I hope Mailo didn’t damage Grandma’s dentures. Dental appliances can be quite expensive to replace!

  • brooklynquester

    This post made my day! Thank you for sharing Lola and Mailo’s hilarious adventure. Pets truly bring so much joy into our lives.

  • Mailo is such a character! I can’t believe he managed to get the dentures in his mouth. What a clever pup!

  • Oh my gosh, that is so funny! 😆 How did grandma react when she first saw the video? Must’ve been priceless!

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