June 16, 2024

A Mysterious Sound in the Fireplace Leads to an Astonishing Discovery

A Mysterious Sound in the Fireplace Leads to an Astonishing Discovery


Mysterious Sounds

The comforting crackle of a burning fire is familiar, but what if you hear noises from an unlit fireplace? That’s precisely what happened to one couple, who were stunned to hear strange sounds emanating from their hearth. Rather than panic, they cautiously investigated the source of the unusual commotion.

Peering into the fireplace, they were met with an unexpected sight. Nestled in the upper section was a surprising visitor. The couple’s initial shock quickly turned to curiosity as they tried to identify the intruder.

Their discovery was a young goanna, also known as a lace monitor. These reptiles can grow impressively large, reaching up to six feet in length. Thankfully, this one was still small, but the couple knew they needed professional help to extract it safely.

Enter WIRES Wildlife Rescue. Responding swiftly to their call, one of their top volunteers, Inga, arrived ready to handle the situation. Her expertise and calm demeanor were just what was needed to manage the delicate task ahead.

Rescuing the Intruder

Inga approached the fireplace with caution. “I was cautious at first, as it could have been a trapped snake,” she later recounted. However, upon realizing it was a juvenile goanna, she confidently reached in to retrieve it. The couple watched with bated breath as Inga skillfully handled the situation.

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Source: WIRES

Relief washed over everyone when she successfully pulled the baby lizard from the chimney. The young goanna appeared disoriented but unharmed. It was a heartwarming moment, knowing the little creature was safe.

Lace monitors are adept climbers, and curiosity likely led this one down the chimney, where it found itself trapped. Thanks to Inga’s swift actions, the young lizard’s adventure had a happy ending.

With the immediate danger averted, Inga transported the lizard to WIRES premises for further care. The baby lizard was given hydration and a thorough health check to ensure it was in good condition.

Safe and Sound

Much to Inga’s delight, the lizard was in perfect health and didn’t require extensive recovery. The little adventurer just needed some extra hydration and a few days of observation before it could be returned to the wild.

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Source: WIRES

After a short stay at WIRES, the baby lizard was ready to go back to where it belonged. Inga and her team carefully prepared for its release, ensuring the young goanna would be safe and secure in its natural habitat.

Releasing the lizard was a joyous moment. Watching it scurry off into the wild, Inga felt a sense of accomplishment and relief. The young goanna was now free to grow and thrive.

This story is a reminder of the importance of wildlife rescue efforts and the dedication of volunteers like Inga. Every animal deserves a chance to live freely and safely in its natural environment.

Happy Ending

For the homeowners, the experience was both startling and enlightening. It’s not every day you find a lizard in your fireplace, but the incident left them with a newfound appreciation for wildlife and the importance of organizations like WIRES.

A Mysterious Sound in the Fireplace Leads to an Astonishing Discovery-1
Source: WIRES

The couple was grateful for Inga’s help and the swift response of WIRES Wildlife Rescue. Their home was once again peaceful, and the baby lizard was back in its rightful place.

In the end, this surprising encounter had a happy ending. The goanna was safe, and the homeowners had a story to tell that they would never forget.

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, even the smallest creatures can find their way back home. This story is a testament to the power of compassion and the impact of wildlife rescue.


  • That’s amazing! I wish more people would be this considerate towards wildlife. 😊

  • Awesome job, Inga! But what about the safety of pets in the house?

  • How did the goanna get into the chimney in the first place? So curious!

  • Inga is a hero! I love WIRES and all they do for wildlife. ❤️

  • Do you think it could have been a different animal? Like maybe a bird?

  • isabelle5

    I’m so glad the little guy was okay. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming tale!

  • genesis

    Wow, what a story! I can’t imagine finding a lizard in my fireplace. 😲

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