June 22, 2024

A Dog’s Heartbreak: From Rejection to Finding True Love

A Dog's Heartbreak: From Rejection to Finding True Love


A Rollercoaster Journey

Seeing a long-term shelter dog like Burrito finally find a home is pure joy. But, witnessing him being returned so quickly is utterly heartbreaking. Burrito’s story unfolded in New Jersey, where his brief adoption turned into a devastating event.

Burrito, a gentle soul, spent some wonderful weeks with his foster, Isabella, before being adopted by an older couple. However, within just two days, he was back at the shelter. The couple claimed he was “too aggressive” and had bitten the husband. Isabella was shocked and heartbroken upon hearing this.

Isabella couldn’t reconcile this story with the dog she knew. Burrito had always been a snuggle bug, never showing signs of aggression. She began to wonder, what could have triggered such behavior? Was it an excuse to return him, or was something else at play?

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Source: Isabella Strom

Determined to clear Burrito’s name, Isabella recorded a video showcasing his gentle side. In the video, she is seen cuddling with Burrito, saying, “This is all he has done for the last two weeks. This is what we do.”

The Car Incident

According to the shelter, Burrito bit his new owner when the man tried to get him out of the car. The husband reached into the car, grabbed Burrito, and dragged him out, which led to the bite. Isabella shared this story in another video, shedding light on the incident.

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Source: Isabella Strom

Isabella noted that Burrito had never been aggressive towards her father, either. While he wasn’t particularly fond of him, he would simply keep his distance. This raised more questions about the true nature of Burrito’s supposed aggression.

Despite this setback, Isabella remained determined to find a solution. She believed that Burrito’s behavior could be addressed with the right environment and care. Her dedication to Burrito’s well-being was unwavering.

Isabella’s videos and efforts to share Burrito’s true nature garnered attention online, sparking discussions about the challenges shelter dogs face and the importance of understanding their needs.

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Source: Isabella Strom

A New Beginning

Burrito’s return to the shelter was a stressful experience. The noise and confinement of the kennel were far from ideal for him. Having tasted freedom, the thought of being confined again was heartbreaking.

Thankfully, Burrito’s story took a turn for the better. He was transferred to a long-term behavioral foster, a more suitable environment for his needs. Here, he could finally decompress and enjoy a home tailored just for him.

A Dog's Heartbreak: From Rejection to Finding True Love-1
Source: Isabella Strom

While Burrito is currently unavailable for adoption, this new foster home provides him with the stability and care he deserves. He’ll have the chance to relax and heal, preparing for the day when he finds his true forever home.

As Burrito continues his journey, there’s hope that he will eventually find a loving family who understands and appreciates his gentle nature. Good luck, Burrito!


  • PenelopeZenith

    Maybe the older couple just didn’t know how to handle a dog properly. Training is so important!

  • RobertTitan6

    Wow, what a rollercoaster! I’m glad Burrito found a better place to stay.

  • AlexanderIllumination0

    Are there any updates on Burrito’s progress in his new foster home?

  • Ugh, I hate when people give up on animals so easily. Poor Burrito!

  • Thank you, Isabella, for not giving up on Burrito. You’re a true hero! 🙏

  • Tigger_Midnight

    Did anyone check if Burrito had any medical issues that might have caused the aggression?

  • alexander

    This story broke my heart! How can people be so careless with such a sweet dog? 😢

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