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Savannah Kittens for Sale

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Beautiful F3C Savannah kittens available now

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City: Luray - Shipping Available: No

One large male and one exotic female savannah kitten ready for new home now. Both golden toned with black spots.

Listing ID: 2276

servals, caracal, bengal, ocelots cheetah and f1-f3 savannah

Zap Eva
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City: budapest - Shipping Available: Yes

we are breeder of felines both males and females F1-F5 Savannah generation kittens, ocelot kittens, caracal kittens and serval kittens available from last litters for sale. Kittens are bottle fed & hand raised with human exposure. Testimonials available. health certificate, origin papers. Licensed for international sales. contact for more information. Contact :

Listing ID: 2202

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Savannah Kittens for Sale