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Turkish Angora

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Turkish Angora Cat - Breed Profile

The Turkish Angora Breed Profile submitted by Kaeleron

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: - Kaeleron Turkish Angoras Cattery

History - The Turkish Angora is a breed of domestic cat. Turkish Angoras are one of the ancient, naturally-occurring cat breeds, having originated in central Turkey, in the Ankara region. There seems to be a connection between Ankara Cats and Persians (see below), and the Turkish Angora is also a distant cousin of the Turkish Van.

Colors and Coats Types Available - They mostly have a white, silky, medium-long length coat, no undercoat and fine bone structure. Although they are known for their shimmery white coat, currently there are more than twenty varieties including black, blue, reddish fur. They come in tabby and tabby-white, along with smoke varieties, and are in every color other than pointed, lavender, and cinnamon (all of which would indicate breeding to an outcross).

Eyes may be blue, green or amber, or even one blue and one amber. The W gene responsible for white coat and blue eye is closely related to the hearing ability, and presence of a blue eye can indicate the cat is deaf to the side the blue eye is located. However, a great many blue and odd-eyed white cats have normal hearing, and even deaf cats lead a very normal life if indoors.

Ears are pointed and large, eyes are almond shaped and the head is massive with a two plane profile. Another characteristic is the tail, which is often kept parallel to the back.

Grooming and Care - Turkish Angoras have no undercoat which makes them a very easy to maintain. You get the beauty of a longhair cat without the maintenance.

Best Suitable Environment - Turkish Angoras get along very well with any breed as they do not feel the need to be an "alfa" cat. Turkish Angoras get along well with dogs as well as small children.

Personality Traits - Turkish Angoras are very intelligent and have almost a dog like temperament. They love to retrieve toys and love to ride your shoulders.

Turkish Angora Cat Breeders

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Turkish Angora Description

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