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Himalayan Cat - Breed Profile

The Himalayan Breed Profile and Pictures submitted by BizzyKitty Cattery - Susan Bizier

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Susan Bizier - BizzyKitty Cattery

Himalayan - Persian crossed to a SiameseHistory - Himalayan was created using the Persian, crossed to a Siamese. The idea is to have a Persian type body, personality, and features, with the color pattern of the Siamese.

Colors and Coats Types Available - There are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cream, red points, and also all available in lynx (tabby). Coat is long, flowing and body is in contrast with body points.

Grooming and Care - Himalayan coats come in silky, and cottony. Both require regular groomingRed Points, Lilac and Cream to keep it from matting. Some prefer a "lion cut" when kitty is not to be shown, or for easy care.

Best Suitable Environment - Himalayans can adapt to most any home, as they are docile, and get along well in many situations. Best if only living Very Loving and Friendlyindoors, for ease of coat care.

Personality Traits - The Himalayan is very loving and laid back, as it's Persian ancestry. They get along with kids, and other pets. They enjoy being spoiled and loved whenever possible.


Himalayan Cat Breeders

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Himalayan Description

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