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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Featured Breeder on Kitty Cat Breeders - Unfortunately we are only accepting one featured breeder per breed listed.

See the list below to see if your breed is available.

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There is no charge to become a featured breeder, just a well written description of the Breed you are applying for and experience of course, with that particular breed.

To become a featured breeder we will need a personally written, general description of the breed that you are applying for which should include the following information: (This should be a general description of the breed for use in the profiles section of our website - A more personal ad can be submitted for the photo listing.)

1. A brief description of the History of the Breed

2. The color and coats associated with the Breed

3. Grooming and Care required for the Breed

4. Your recommendation on the best suitable Home.

5. Personality traits of the Breed

6. A personal Color Photo of the Breed - preferably a full body picture.

7. Lastly any remarks you would like to add.

All submissions will include your personal information with the proper credit you deserve. You have the right to withdraw your featured status at anytime you feel is necessary.

The Following Featured Breeders are needed:

Breeds marked Pending are not available at this time - Please check back in a couple days as to their status!

Alaskan Snow Cat | American Keuda | American Miniature | American Polydactal | American Ringtail | American Shorthair | American Wirehair | Anatolian | Angora | Angoradoll | Antipodean | Appalachian Cat | Arusha Cat | Asian | Australian Mist | Bahraini Dilmun | Balinese | Bobcat Hybrid | Bombay | Brazilian Shorthair | British Longhair | British Shorthair | Burmese | Burmilla | California Spangled Cat | Chartreux | Cherubim | Colorpoint Shorthair | Colourpoint Longhair | Cymric | Devon Rex | Don Sphynx | European Burmese | European Shorthair | Exotic | Exotic Longhair | Foldex | German Rex | Havana Brown | Highland Lynx | Highlander | Honeybear | Ichabod | Javanese | Jungala | Jungle Bob | Jungle Curl | Jungle Hybrid | Jungle Lynx | Khao Manee | Korat | Kucing Malaysia | Kurilian Bobtail Longhair | Kurilian Shorthair | Lambkin | LaPerm | Leopold | Longhair Curl | Longhair Scottish Fold | Lynx | Maine Coon | Malayan | Mandalay | Manx | Minskin | Mojave Spotted | Munchkin | Napoleon Cat |  Nebelung | Neva Masquerade | Ocicat | Ojos Azules | Oriental Longhair | Oriental Shorthair | Peterbald | Pixie-bob | Polydactal | Ragamuffin | Russian Blue | Safari | Scottish Shorthair | Serengeti | Serval | Seychellois | Singapura | Skookum | Snow | Snowshoe | Sokoke| Somali | Sterling | Tabby | Temple | Thai | Thai Bluepoint  | Ussuri | York Chocolate

Simply fill out the required form for consideration of featured status - remember only one featured breeder per breed will be accepted.

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