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Free Range Sphynx & Vanyar Elf Cats - Phoenix, Arizona 85374Free Range Sphynx & Vanyar Elf Cats - Angela Orton

Phoenix, Arizona 85374
Affiliations: TICA and CFA
Shipping Available: Yes
All of our kittens and cats are TICA and/or CFA registered. Our kitties are raised in a loving home along side of their two-legged family! We don't believe in cages or kennels. ~

Member Since 01/14/2009 - YG - Last Updated 04/25/2011

Zelda Elf Cats
*Kittens Available
Zelda Elfs
Shipping Available: Yes

Member Since 08/31/2011 - YQP - Last Updated 09/02/2011


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