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Free Range Sphynx & Vanyar Elf Cats - Credentials

Free Range Sphynx & Vanyar Elf Cats - Phoenix, Arizona 85374Free Range Sphynx & Vanyar Elf Cats - Angela Orton

Phoenix Arizona 85374 - Telephone: (623) 872-1884 - Email - Website

Year of Establishment: February 2000Free Range Sphynx - Vanyar Elf Cats

Breed: Sphynx & Elf

Written Contract: Yes

Health Guarantee: Yes

Associations: TICA (The International Cat Association, Inc.) - CFA ( Cat Fanciers' Association) - (Elf - TICA - Experimental Breed Status)

Shipping Available: Yes

Testimonials: - See Below

All of our kittens and cats are TICA and/or CFA registered. Our kitties are raised in a loving home along side of their two-legged family! We don't believe in cages or kennels. Our cats are known for their sweet dispositions and outgoing personalities. All cats are guaranteed free of HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), FeLV (feline leukemia), and other unwanted ailments. Adoptions include Health Guarantees written right into the contract. We know that when you're adopting a kitty, your adding a family member. We take the adoption as serious as you do.

Additional Comments (Sphynx): Interesting in adopting with us? We have a list of references, AKA "Happy Families" that have adopted from us. Regardless of who you choose to adopt from, VISIT the cattery, interview the breeder, and require an open line of communication. We would expect nothing less, and neither should you!

Sphynx Cat Photos:

Sphynx Cat Sphynx Kitten Free Range Sphynx

Additional Comments (Elf): This is a new breed, that comes from careful genetic crossing of an American Curl and a Sphynx. The end result is a cat similar to a Sphynx, but with curled ears! Visit our website for more information!

Elf Cat Photos:

Elf KittensVanyar Elf Cat Elf Cat - Cross between a Sphynx and American Curl 


This is in reference to Angela Orton as a breeder.
 If you want a kitty who is loved beyond your imagination, taken care of better than a lot of people take care of their children, and is bred to be as healthy of possible, then this is the breeder for you. I personally have one of her Sphynx kitties, and have plans for another, from her. I have 3 Sphynx from a different breeder (From another state) and I can tell you that breeding, and the attention given to them when they are small make a HUGE difference. The kitten I bought from Angela Orton, just glows with personality and charm! He is confident and healthy, loving and active. I don't have the words to tell anyone, what he means to us! Angela makes sure that all of your questions are answered, and she is always there for support if you need it. In closing, she is top notch and quite possibly the most compassionate breeder out there.

Linda Roussard

Megan Guillory
Sang Royal Cattery
2688 N. Perkins Ferry Rd., # 4
Lake Charles, LA 70611
 January 15, 2009
 To Whom It May Concern: I ran across Angela Ortonís Sphynx website about 6 months ago, while searching for a new Sphynx kitten for myself. I called her house and spoke with her and was immediately impressed. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the breed, but she is kind and easy to talk to. She loves her cats whole heartedly and goes to great lengths to ensure that her babies are healthy and happy. I have since gotten two breeding adult cats from her and can testify to not only their health, but their temperament. These two cats have been shown a great deal of love and kindness by someone and that someone was Angela. They are well socialized, beautiful and healthy cats that have been a great addition to our home and breeding program.  
Angelaís love and desire to breed for health and temperament unmistakable and she is very successful in achieving this through love, patience and experience. She is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional and ethical. I highly recommend anyone doing business with her, as I feel proud to know her and do business with her myself.
Should you have any questions, feel free to call me any time. 
Megan Guillory

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Free Range Sphynx - Vanyar Elf Cats - Phoenix Arizona