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BaliChaton Traditional BalineseBaliChaton Tradional Balinese - Mary C. Desmond

Snohomish, Washington 98296
Affiliations: CFA, TICA and UFO
Shipping Available: Yes
We are a small cattery - FELV/FIV free and it is a closed cattery. We specialize in ONLY BLUEPOINTS and SEALPOINTS and ONLY BALINESE to BALINESE breedings. They are

Member Since 04/07/2008 - B 10/12/2010 - Last Updated 10/12/2010

Sehnsational Cat Ranch - Susan C. Sehn, M.S., M.D. - Email - Website

City: Tucson, Arizona 85743

The Balinese are the most beautiful of pedigreed cats. Their elegant lines are softened by moderately long hair, and their tails are flowing plumes. Many of Sehnsational Balinese are endowed with spectacular white muzzles and mittens. Like the majority of cats in the Siamese breed group, the Balinese are vocal, loving, and very playful. Our Balinese are from Supreme Grand Champion lines, and we are very proud of our International Winners.

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Salmon Falls Cattery - New Hampshire - Email - Listed 08/15/2008 - Last Updated 08/19/2009
VonBaliKatze - Oregon - Email - Listed 07/25/2008 - Last Updated 07/31/2009

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